4.06.14 -{gdwg}-Ibanez Rocker! is the newest member of GDawgg Clan
4.06.14 -{gdwg}-stellor is the newest member of GDawgg Clan
3.29.14 -{gdwg}-smokin is the newest member of GDawgg Clan
3.23.14 -{gdwg}-American Badass is the newest member of GDawgg Clan
2.14.14 -{gdwg}-functionVoid is the newest member of GDawgg Clan
1.22.14 New CoD4 map by -{gdwg}-mooseD: MP_GDawgg_Shipment

This is the 208th map I've authored for 13 different games since 2005.
MP_GDawgg_Shipment is a remake of the original mp_shipment created by Infinity Ward and/or Activision for CoD4. I created this map from scratch except for the container prefabs which were created by Carcass26. Every effort was made to adhere to the original specs of the mp_shipment playing area. As for the non-playing area, it is completely different from mp_shipment. I added some things to the map which were not in the original such as, exploding cars, walk-through walls and secret areas.


This map is running on this server with re-direct server download enabled: CoD4 Custom --

12.18.13 -{gdwg}-AGGRESSOR is the newest member of GDawgg Clan
10.17.13 -{gdwg}-System36 is the newest member of GDawgg Clan
10.01.13 Map 200 by -{gdwg}-mooseD

08.19.13 -{gdwg}-Joseidon reaches Black Ops II Multiplayer "Prestige Master"

02.26.13 -{gdwg}-Walkin In Da Slime is the newest member of GDawgg Clan

01.30.13 -{gdwg}-Loblo reaches Black Ops II Multiplayer "Prestige Master"

01.26.13 New Far Cry 3 Map: Killbox_GDawgg -- Author: -{gdwg}-mooseD

Map Download: Killbox_GDawgg

01.25.13 MW3 Compilation 002 -- Compiler, Editor, Producer: -{gdwg}-Swiz

01.08.13 New Half-Life Map: Killbox_2013B -- Editor: -{gdwg}-mooseD

Map Download: Killbox_2013B

12.31.12 -{gdwg}-Stinky reaches Black Ops II Multiplayer "Prestige Master"

12.19.12 -{gdwg}-mooseD reaches Black Ops II Multiplayer "Prestige Master"

11.13.12 Call of Duty Black Ops II is released
10.29.12 -{gdwg}-FreeRadical is the newest member of GDawgg Clan



Are you curious why we play this 14 year old game, running this mod?
The video below may help explain why:

10.06.12 Quake 4 SP Level: WarHouse2 -- Author: -{gdwg}-mooseD

09.13.12 You are invited to join GDawgg Clan's CoD Black Ops 2 Steam Group

05.21.12 MW3 Knife Throwing Compilation -- Compiled, edited and produced by -{gdwg}-Swiz

05.18.12 New Quake 4 map: GDawggDomain -- Author: -{gdwg}-mooseD

Map Download: Q4 GDawggDomain

Server Info:

GDawgg Q4 Domain -- server ip address:

05.12.12 New Quake 2 map: Q2_Killbox2 -- Author: -{gdwg}-mooseD

Map Download: Q2_Killbox2

Server Info:

GDawgg Q2 Killbox2 -- server ip address:

05.09.12 New Quake III Arena map: GDWG -- Author: -{gdwg}-mooseD

Map Download: GDWG

Server Info:

GDawgg-Excessive-Mod -- (Q3A Excessive Plus) server ip address:

05.06.12 New Quake III Arena map: Killbox -- Author: -{gdwg}-mooseD

Map Download: Killbox

Server Info:

GDawgg Q3A Killbox --

05.02.12 New Soldier of Fortune II map: MP_Tropic -- Author: -{gdwg}-mooseD

Map Download: MP_Tropic

04.28.12 New Soldier of Fortune II map: MP_Killbox3 -- Author: -{gdwg}-mooseD

Map Download: MP_Killbox3

04.26.12 New HL2DM map: Brutal -- Author: -{gdwg}-mooseD

Map Download: Brutal

04.24.12 New HL2DM map re-make: TehBox-2012 -- Author: -{gdwg}-mooseD

Map Download: TehBox-2012

03.30.12 New FPS PC Gaming Blog

Visit blog


03.16.12 MW3 Compilation 001 -- Compiled, edited and produced by -{gdwg}-Swiz

03.02.12 New Crysis 2 custom map: CW2_Pushwall -- Author: -{gdwg}-mooseD

Map Download: cw2_pushwall

02.24.12 New HL2DM map: moosebox-2012B -- Author: -{gdwg}-mooseD

Map Download: moosebox-2012B

02.04.12 New HL2DM map: killbox-2012 -- Author: -{gdwg}-mooseD

Map Download: killbox-2012

02.04.12 New HL2DM map: 3box_v2 -- Author: -{gdwg}-mooseD

Map Download: 3box_v2

02.02.12 New HL2DM map: 9box -- Author: -{gdwg}-mooseD

Map Download: 9box

01.27.12 New HL2DM map: Killbox-gdwg -- Author: -{gdwg}-mooseD

Map Download: killbox-gdwg

01.03.12 -{gdwg}-Tank_Jr is the newest member of GDawgg Clan
12.24.11 MW3 Player Stats:


11.11.11 GDawgg Clan's MW3 Servers:

GDawgg FFA Dome 24/7

There have been sightings of a server named RANKED. But that can't be correct because dedicated servers in MW3 are not ranked. go figure?

11.08.11 Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3 is released today


10.07.11 Join GDawgg's MW3 Steam Group

We will have multiple MW3 dedicated servers available

10.06.11 Killbox U on FaceBook

08.25.11 GDawgg Crysis 2 -- "I hear something...!" -- Funny AI

08.24.11 GDawgg Crysis 2 Map: CW2_Traffic2 -- Author: -{gdwg}-mooseD


08.21.11 New GDawgg UT3 Map: DM-GDawgg-Island -- Author: -{gdwg}-mooseD

Map Download: dm-gdawgg-island

08.20.11 New GDawgg UT3 Map: DM-Pool2 -- Author: -{gdwg}-mooseD

Map Download: dm-pool2

08.18.11 New GDawgg UT3 Map: DM-JumpBox -- Author: -{gdwg}-mooseD

Map Download: dm-jumpbox

08.14.11 GDawgg Crysis 2 Map: CW2_Traffic -- Author: -{gdwg}-mooseD

Map Download: cw2_traffic

08.12.11 GDawgg Crysis 2 Map: CW2_Shipment5 -- Map Editor: -{gdwg}-mooseD

The concept for this map comes from mp_shipment in Call of Duty 4. It is not an original idea of this map editor. Credit for this concept goes to the folks who originally created it for CoD4.

Map Download: cw2_shipment5

07.28.11 View your Crysis 2 player stats at C2 Stats

07.28.11 GDawgg Crysis 2 Map: CW2_Doors_v2 -- Author: -{gdwg}-mooseD

Map Download: cw2_doors_v2

07.23.11 GDawgg Crysis 2 Map: CW2_Wild -- Author: -{gdwg}-mooseD

Map Download: cw2_wild

07.22.11 GDawgg Crysis 2 Killbox (cw2_killbox_v2) -- Author: -{gdwg}-mooseD

Map Download: cw2_killbox_v2

07.16.11 GDawgg Crysis 2 Killbox (cw2_killbox) -- Author: -{gdwg}-mooseD

Map Download: cw2_killbox

06.09.11 -{gdwg}-F.N.G. is the newest member of GDawgg Clan
06.08.11 Today is: World IPv6 Day (Internet Protocol Version 6)

we've been using IPv4 since 1982

05.29.11 GDawgg Crysis 2 Taxi Cab Kicking Video (Power Kick)

05.29.11 GDawgg Crysis 2 Run, Jump, Climb & Slide Video

05.15.11 GDawgg Brink Video

04.08.11 -{gdwg}-Loblo reached 15th Prestige - Level 50 in CoD Black Ops

04.06.11 GDawgg Crysis 2 Custom Map Video

03.27.11 GDawgg Crysis 2 Melee Video

03.26.11 GDawgg Crysis 2 Steam Group

03.25.11 Free DLC announcement from Treyarch for dedicated server owners

Gee whiz, something for free. They're too kind.

As it turns out, we only got 4 of the 5 DLC maps. Images below:

Berlin Wall




03.24.11 SandBox 3 found it's way to me anyway, without Crytek's help. Lucky me!

GDawgg Crysis 2 map in the making using Sandbox 3. Awesome editor!

03.22.11 GDawgg Clan's Crysis 2 server is running and is staying full or near full much of the time:

GDawgg.io_Terminal_IA --

03.22.11 Crysis 2 was released today. Sandbox 3, the game's level editor is not included with the game. Bummer.
However, Crysis 2 is fun to play. It's visually and technically impressive, which was expected, given how awesome Crysis and Crysis Wars both are, in this gamer's opinion

03.21.11 Just found this today. Electronic Arts has announced that Crysis 2 (to be released tomorrow) will support dedicated servers for PC

03.16.11 GDawgg Clan's HL2DM "2011" server is now a 20 player server

03.15.11 GDawgg BulletStorm MP Wave Video

03.14.11 Six new HL2DM maps created By -{gdwg}-mooseD:

1) 2011_Shipment_v2 -- 3.13.11

2) 2011_TheHall -- 3.12.11

3) 2011_Arctic -- 2.24.11

4) 2011E -- 2.21.11

5) 2011D -- 2.16.11

6) 2011 -- 2.15.11

03.02.11 Crysis 2 Demo is released

Crysis 2 will be relased in 20 days, on 3.22.11

02.22.11 Bulletstorm is released
02.12.11 -{gdwg}-THOR is the newest member of GDawgg Clan
02.06.11 GDawgg CoD BO Steam Group created
02.01.11 GDawgg Clan's two BO TDM servers are ranked #7 and #16 in the world, out of 10,088 BO servers by

01.21.11 -{gdwg}-Stinky Hangdown reached 15th Prestige - Level 50 in CoD Black Ops

01.20.11 -{gdwg}-mooseD reached 15th Prestige - Level 50 in CoD Black Ops

12.04.10 Today began tracking CoD BO servers for the first time
11.17.10 A third GDawgg CoD BO ranked server has been added: NukeTown FFA
11.12.10 GDawgg CoD BO Diving Video featuring -{gdwg}-Crysis

11.09.10 Call Of Duty Black Ops is released

GDawgg Clan is running two CoD BO servers at this time

Excellent job by Treyarch, CoD BO's developer. Their game has the developer's console, dedicatated servers and they're promising us mod tools as well. In addition, the game itself is kickass. State-of-the-art! Thankfully Treyarch chose not repeat the stupid mistakes made by Infinity Ward

11.01.10 GDawgg's CoD4 Shipment server with 40 player slots available: MADNESS!

10.16.10 GDawgg CoD MW2 Rust All Day, GDawgg's MW2 Dedicated server, is up and running

18 player slots. Jam-packed with players day and night

10.16.10 alterIWNet releases dedicated servers for MW2!!!

And, a GREAT DAY it is!!! Forum Post

10.12.10 Medal of Honor is released

Our server: GDawgg Kunar Base 24/7 --

10.04.10 Medal of Honor Open Beta for PC to run from today through 10.07.10
09.09.10 Nine CoD MW2 Mods Written By -{gdwg}-mooseD

These mods will run on alterIWNet

09.03.10 Duke Nukem Forever To Ship in 2011
09.01.10 announces they are to be the exclusive provider for CoD Black Ops dedicated servers
08.31.10 {NSFW} Clan asked permission to run GDawgg UT3 maps on their server. Permission granted.

{NSFW} Clan UT3 Server --

08.29.10 alterIWNet's Server List has been released and is fully operational
08.21.10 -{gdwg}-Loblo is the newest member of GDawgg Clan
08.10.10 Call of Duty Black Ops Trailer

07.31.10 GDawgg Clan's new Public Forum
06.29.10 Singularity (video game) released today -- View trailer:

06.25.10 A fellow pc gamer named Nelsonator who i met while playing MW2 in PATHETIC IWNET told me about an IWNet "emulator" called alterIWNet

alterIWNet (aIW) is completely independent of and not affiliated with Infinity Ward, IWNet or Steam. With aIW we can play CoD MW2 on modded servers using the developer's console. aIW's goal is to provide the pc gaming community with MW2 dedicated servers in the near future. There's a ton of gamers playing on aIW. As more players are discovering aIW, the numbers are growing rapidly. A bonus: it's free

05.20.10 New GDawgg CoD4 server: GDawgg PipeLine 24/7 --
05.17.10 SourceMod for HL2DM: enables unlimited, fatigue-less sprint, among other things
04.22.10 Like speed? Like steel? Like bikes? Dodge Tomahawk

04.20.10 -{gdwg}-Joseidon is the newest member of GDawgg Clan
04.18.10 High-Jump friendly version of MP_Moose_Snot (CoD4): MP_Moose_Snot3
04.15.10 New CoD4 server: GDawgg Shipment 200 Kills --
04.13.10 -{gdwg}-Crysis is the newest member of GDawgg Clan
04.12.10 New CoD4 Map: MP_Snipe Created By -{gdwg}-mooseD
04.05.10 New UT3 Map: DM-DirtBox2 Created By -{gdwg}-mooseD
04.05.10 New CoD4 Map: MP_Dawggyard2 Created By -{gdwg}-mooseD
03.23.10 GDawgg Quake4 Killbox Server -- -- Map authored by Keeper

03.19.10 GDawgg Clan is running a Severian's Mod HL1 server
03.05.10 Activision and Infinity Ward fall out over Call of Duty
03.01.10 New HLDM Map: MP_NoWhere_v2 Created By -{gdwg}-mooseD

02.27.10 New HLDM Map: BeastBox3 Created By -{gdwg}-mooseD
02.08.10 GDawgg Custom MW2 Server

02.07.10 TADA!!!

This is what Infintiy Ward thought they could keep us from having, a pc gamer's best friend:



18 Player MW2 Servers

01.22.10 New GDawgg HL2DM Servers

1. GDawgg.io_Killbox ---

2. GDawgg.io_BunkerBox ---

3. GDawgg.io_Shootery ---

4. GDawgg.io_Towers ---

5. GDawgg.io_Doors ---

01.14.10 For laughs

01.07.10 UT3 Tribute video made by |RIIP|TRiPP of Rize Clan

12.28.09 GDawgg UT3 Killbox: FULL!

12.24.09 GDawgg CoD MW2 Steam Group created
11.29.09 New GDawgg Clan Logo

11.21.09 Four new UT3 maps created by -{gdwg}-mooseD

1) DM-Low_G_v4 -- 11.21.09

2) DM-Tunnelsofthelost -- 11.15.09

3) DM-Stainlesssteel -- 11.12.09

4) DM-Traffic -- 11.08.09

11.10.09 Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 is released

The developer of MW2, Infinity Ward, has pissed off a lot of pc gamers with it's decision not to include dedicated servers, mod tools and the developer's console with their game. Instead they're using an xbox style match-making system called IWNet for pc gamers to play in. IWNET IS A PILE OF CRAP! Rest assured the pc gaming community will not take this slight lying down. MW2 will be hacked very soon and we will be playing it with the developer's console and dedicated servers very soon


10.30.09 Five new UT3 maps created by -{gdwg}-mooseD

1) UT3 Map: DM-GlassDeath -- 10.30.09

2) UT3 Map: DM-Detour_v3 -- 10.26.09

3) UT3 Map: DM-Towers -- 10.18.09

4) UT3 Map: DM-Tha_Pit -- 10.12.09

5) UT3 Map: DM-1007 -- 10.07.09

09.27.09 Six new UT3 maps created by -{gdwg}-mooseD

1) UT3 Map: DM-Survival -- 09.27.09

2) UT3 Map: DM-Stairs -- 09.18.09

3) UT3 Map: DM-914 -- 09.14.09

4) UT3 Map: DM-Chase -- 09.09.09

5) UT3 Map: DM-Urbanz -- 08.22.09

6) UT3 Map: DM-Rook -- 08.16.09

09.18.09 New UT3 Map: DM-Jump Created By -{gdwg}-Swiz

08.10.09 New UT3 Map: DM-Hangar Created By -{gdwg}-Swiz

-{gdwg}-Swiz's first UT3 map. Again, awesome Job Bro!

07.31.09 Six new UT3 maps created by -{gdwg}-mooseD

1) UT3 Map: DM-Flats -- 07.31.09

2) UT3 Map: DM-BestManWins -- 07.30.09

3) UT3 Map: DM-BigHouse -- 07.25.09

4) UT3 Map: DM-Zoshos_Pushwall -- 07.22.09

5) UT3 Map: DM-SnipeBox -- 07.09.09

6) UT3 Map: DM-GDWG_Frenzy -- 07.08.09

07.25.09 New HL2DM Map: ThrowThis Created By -{gdwg}-mooseD
06.30.09 Five new UT3 maps created by -{gdwg}-mooseD

1) UT3 Map: DM-RocketWasteLand2 --06.30.09

2) UT3 Map: DM-Killbox_B -- 06.28.09

3) UT3 Map: DM-TehBox_B -- 06.27.09

4) UT3 Map: DM-Killbox_v3 -- 06.20.09

5) UT3 Map: DM-GDawgg1 -- 06.19.09

06.18.09 GDawgg Clan's Crossfire TDM server is ranked #2 in the world, out of 10,640 CoD4 servers by

05.21.09 New HL2DM Map: BotBox Created By -{gdwg}-mooseD
05.19.09 New CoD4 Map: MP_Grudge_3 Created By -{gdwg}-mooseD
05.18.09 CoD MW2 to be released on November 10, 2009
05.08.09 New CoD4 Map: MP_Bunker Created By -{gdwg}-Swiz
This is -{gdwg}-Swiz's first map. Great job Bro!!!

Images from MP_Bunker

05.04.09 New CoD4 Map: MP_Killbox5 Created By -{gdwg}-mooseD

Images from MP_Killbox5

05.01.09 New CoD4 Map: MP_Grudge Created By -{gdwg}-mooseD
04.18.09 New CoD4 Map: MP_Chaos Created By -{gdwg}-mooseD
04.14.09 New CoD4 Map: MP_Underground Created By -{gdwg}-mooseD
04.12.09 New CoD4 Map: MP_Jump Created By -{gdwg}-mooseD
04.10.09 New CoD4 Map: MP_Killbox_Tropic Created By -{gdwg}-mooseD
04.09.09 New CoD4 Map: MP_Frenzy Created By -{gdwg}-mooseD
04.08.09 New CoD4 Map: MP_Nade_Field Created By -{gdwg}-mooseD
04.06.09 New CoD4 Map: MP_March Created By -{gdwg}-mooseD
04.05.09 Happy Tenth Birthday Killbox!!! Created By Ooblik on April 5, 1999 for Half-Life
04.05.09 CoD4 Map: MP_Moose_Snot Created By -{gdwg}-mooseD

Images from MP_Moose_Snot

03.19.09 Three New GDawgg CoD4 Servers:

GDawgg Zom_db -- -- London, UK

GDawgg PipeLine TDM -- -- 32 players -- Dallas, TX

GDawgg PipeLine West Coast -- --18 players -- San Jose, CA

03.17.09 New HL2DM Map: XBow_Flats Created By -{gdwg}-mooseD
03.12.09 New GDawgg Clan Member: -{gdwg}-LK-Behind-U
02.17.09 GDawgg CoD4 Custom Map Downloads, Final Versions:

1) mp_killbox_d -- final version

2) mp_madness5 -- final version

3) mp_pushwall -- final version

4) mp_killbox2 -- final version

02.16.09 "Escape From City 17" video, very well done.

02.13.09 New Crysis Wars Map: Killbox1B Created By -{gdwg}-mooseD
02.08.09 New HL2DM Map: MP_Killbox2 Created By -{gdwg}-mooseD
02.04.09 New CoD4 Map: MP_Killbox2 Created By -{gdwg}-mooseD
01.24.09 New Crysis Wars Map: Flats5 Created By -{gdwg}-mooseD
01.23.09 New Crysis Wars Map: Flats3 Created By -{gdwg}-mooseD
01.17.09 New HL2DM Map: Killbox3_v2 Created By -{gdwg}-mooseD
01.12.09 New GDawgg Clan Server Line-Up:

01.10.09 New Crysis Wars Map: Killbox_GDawgg Created By -{gdwg}-mooseD

Image from Killbox_GDawgg

01.09.09 New HL2DM Map: DM_KR6 Created By -{gdwg}-mooseD

Image from DM_KR6

01.03.09 New HL2DM Map: DM_Kill_TV Created By -{gdwg}-mooseD

Image from DM_Kill_TV

12.31.08 New CoD4 Map: MP_Pushwall Created By -{gdwg}-mooseD
12.30.08 New Crysis Wars Map: Killbox5 Created By -{gdwg}-mooseD
12.28.08 New HL2DM Map: Grudge3 Created By -{gdwg}-mooseD
12.26.08 New Crysis Wars patch available: patch 1.3.
12.19.08 Hurricane Bot 1.1.3 is running on all GDawgg HL2DM servers and PeZBOT 007p is running on our CoD4 Madness5 server
12.18.08 New HL2DM Pro Map: PG_Twisted Created By -{gdwg}-mooseD
12.17.08 New HL2DM Pro Map: PG_Killbox3 Created By -{gdwg}-mooseD
12.16.08 New HL2DM Map: Dude_WTF Created By -{gdwg}-mooseD
12.15.08 New GDawgg Clan HL2DM Pro dedicated server: GDawgg_HL2DM_Pro_Killbox --
12.08.08 New CoD4 Map: MP_Madness5 Created By -{gdwg}-mooseD
12.03.08 New CoD4 Map: MP_Killbox_D Created By -{gdwg}-mooseD
11.25.08 New Crysis Wars Map: Killbox3 Created By -{gdwg}-mooseD
11.24.08 New Crysis Wars Map: Shotty_Gauss_SCAR Created By -{gdwg}-mooseD
11.21.08 New Crysis Wars Map: Swzbox Created By -{gdwg}-mooseD
11.18.08 New Crysis Wars Map: Killbox Created By -{gdwg}-mooseD
11.17.08 New Crysis Wars Map: Deathby_Heli Created By -{gdwg}-mooseD
11.04.08 New HL2DM Map: Shootery_v3 Created By -{gdwg}-mooseD
09.29.08 GDawgg Clan has added three Crysis Wars servers
06.15.08 GDawgg Clan is running a total of 10 Call of Duty 4 Deathmatch servers located in the US and Canada as of this date
06.11.08 GDawgg Clan is now running a 15 player Call of Duty 4 Deathmatch server located in Montreal, Canada
04.28.08 As of April 28, 2008, GDawgg Clan is no longer using HLstatsx for our HL2DM server stats.
All GDawgg server stats are now provided by
03.21.08 On March 21, 2008, GDawgg Clan started running our first Call of Duty 4 Deathmatch server to go along with our Half-Life and HL2DM dedicated servers
03.19.08 New HL2DM Map: Killbox5b Created By -{gdwg}-mooseD
03.05.08 -{gdwg}-Stinky Hangdown is the newest member of GDawgg Clan.
02.17.08 New HL2DM Map: bridge_b Created By -{gdwg}-mooseD
01.05.08 New HL2DM Map: moosebox3 Created By -{gdwg}-mooseD
12.03.07 New HLDM Killbox: Killbox_Nihilanth Created By -{gdwg}-mooseD
11.21.07 New HL2DM Map: GBox2 Created By -{gdwg}-mooseD
11.15.07 New HL2DM Map: DaCribb Created By -{gdwg}-mooseD
11.11.07 New HL2DM Map: DM_Killbox_TO Created By -{gdwg}-mooseD
11.06.07 New HL2DM Map: Killbox2B Created By -{gdwg}-mooseD
10.23.07 New HL2DM Map: GDWG_Z Created By -{gdwg}-mooseD
10.20.07 New HL2DM Map: Cohiba_X Created By -{gdwg}-mooseD
09.28.07 New HL2DM Map: RPG_1A Created By -{gdwg}-mooseD
09.19.07 New HL2DM Map: Tha_Pit2 Created By -{gdwg}-mooseD
09.17.07 New HL2DM Map: Looney_5 Created By -{gdwg}-mooseD
09.12.07 New HL2DM Map: Death_Park Created By -{gdwg}-BlackDeath
09.12.07 New HL2DM Map: Wall_0 Created By -{gdwg}-mooseD
09.04.07 New HL2DM Map: Glasshouse Created By -{gdwg}-BlackDeath
08.30.07 New HL2DM Map: Vast_Black_Death Created By -{gdwg}-BlackDeath

First map made by -{gdwg}-BlackDeath

08.16.07 New HL2DM Map: Rook_v3 Created By -{gdwg}-mooseD
08.12.07 New HL2DM Map: Ultimate_9896A Created By -{gdwg}-mooseD

60th map made by -{gdwg}-mooseD

07.18.07 -{gdwg}-Idle_Threat is the newest member of GDawgg Clan.
07.01.07 New HL2DM Map: Boatrace1 Created By -{gdwg}-mooseD
06.20.07 -{gdwg}-Azreal is the newest member of GDawgg Clan.
06.13.07 New HL2DM Map: Killbox3 Created By -{gdwg}-mooseD
06.10.07 -{gdwg}-Thittyman is the newest member of GDawgg Clan.
06.08.07 -{gdwg}-BlackDeath is the newest member of GDawgg Clan.
05.02.07 New HL2DM Map: PulseBox_v6 Created By -{gdwg}-mooseD
02.21.07 -{gdwg}-Greekfreak & -{gdwg}-Metalimage are the newest members of GDawgg Clan.
01.25.07 New HL2DM Map: Madness5 Created By -{gdwg}-mooseD
01.23.07 New HL2DM Map: Pushwall_Pyramid_0 Created By -{gdwg}-mooseD
12.10.06 New HL2DM Map: Lost_9 Created By -{gdwg}-mooseD
12.03.06 New HL2DM Map: Tiers_0 Created By -{gdwg}-mooseD
11.23.06 New HLDM Killbox: Killbox_Hyper Created By -{gdwg}-mooseD
11.15.06 New HL2DM Map: Pyramid_06 Created By -{gdwg}-mooseD
11.06.06 New HL2DM Map: DM_Deathstairs_GD Created By John Doe {NL} and Bullet Magnet
10.26.06 New HL2DM Killbox: DM_Killbox_3Box_0 Created By -{gdwg}-mooseD

50th map made by -{gdwg}-mooseD

10.19.06 New HL2DM Map: Bazooka3_Chaos2 Created By -{gdwg}-mooseD



09.10.06 New HL2DM Killbox: DM_Killbox_Bounce1 Created By -{gdwg}-mooseD
09.01.06 New HL2DM Killbox: DM_Killbox_Void5 Created By -{gdwg}-mooseD
08.18.06 New HL2DM Killbox: DM_Killbox_Pushwall_D Created By -{gdwg}-mooseD
08.15.06 New HL2DM Killbox: DM_Killbox_B Created By -{gdwg}-mooseD
08.08.06 New HL2DM Killbox: DM_Killbox_806 Created By -{gdwg}-mooseD
08.05.06 New HL2DM Killbox: DM_Killbox_9A_Pushwall Created By -{gdwg}-mooseD
07.23.06 New HL2DM Killbox: DM_Killbox_Mario Created By Bullet Magnet of Glasgow
07.22.06 New HL2DM Killbox: DM_Killbox_Tower Created By -{gdwg}-mooseD
07.19.06 New HL2DM Killbox: DM_Killbox_40_1RPG Created By -{gdwg}-mooseD
07.19.06 New HL2DM Killbox: DM_Killbox_40_D Created By -{gdwg}-mooseD (40th map)
07.14.06 New HL2DM Killbox: DM_Killbox_357 Created By -{gdwg}-mooseD
06.17.06 -{gdwg}-ratbag_mf is the newest member of GDawgg Clan.
06.09.06 New FEAR_DM Killbox: killbox_gdwg Created By -{gdwg}-mooseD
06.05.06 GDawgg Clan is now running two F.E.A.R. Multi-player servers
05.28.06 New HL2DM Killbox: DM_Killbox_Driveby2 Created By -{gdwg}-mooseD
05.23.06 New HL2DM Killbox: DM_Killbox_Bunker_B & A Created By -{gdwg}-mooseD
05.17.06 New HLDM Map: Zoobox Created By -{gdwg}-mooseD
05.09.06 New HLDM Map: Mesa Created By -{gdwg}-mooseD
05.02.06 New HLDM Map: Wetbox Created By -{gdwg}-mooseD
04.24.06 New HLDM Map: 424 Created By -{gdwg}-mooseD
04.19.06 New HLDM Map: Controlbooth Created By -{gdwg}-mooseD
04.15.06 New HLDM Killbox: Killbox_Ramp1 Created By -{gdwg}-mooseD
04.09.06 New HLDM Killbox: Killbox_Tower2 Created By -{gdwg}-mooseD
03.31.06 New HLDM Killbox: Killbox_Crusher1 Created By -{gdwg}-mooseD
03.05.06 New HLDM Killbox: Killbox_Doors_B Created By -{gdwg}-mooseD
02.27.06 New HLDM Killbox: Killbox_Shotty Created By -{gdwg}-mooseD
02.23.06 New HLDM Killbox: Killbox_Monster Created By -{gdwg}-mooseD
02.21.06 New HLDM Killbox: Killbox_G_Metal5 Created By -{gdwg}-mooseD
02.17.06 New HLDM Killbox: Killbox_Taucity5 Created By -{gdwg}-mooseD
02.15.06 New HLDM Killbox: Killbox_Teh4 Created By -{gdwg}-mooseD
02.10.06 New HLDM Killbox: Killbox_Platform Created By -{gdwg}-mooseD
02.07.06 GDawgg Clan is now running a server in HL2DM Pro, This mod has the tau cannon and the jump pak. Download the GDawgg killbox made for this mod. Map created by -{gdwg}-mooseD. Get Half-Life 2 Deathmatch Pro
02.05.06 New HLDM Killbox: Killbox_2006B Created By -{gdwg}-mooseD
02.03.06 New Killbox_Pushwall Comes To HLDM Created By -{gdwg}-mooseD
01.31.06 New Server Status Monitor Page. Including -{gdwg}-FIREFOX71's BF1942 & BF2 servers. Also includes GDawgg's AG & Q4DM servers
01.04.06 Two New Quake 4 DM Servers: GDawgg.io_Q4_1 & GDawgg.io_Q4_2
Both servers are running "The Lost Fleet" aka Q4DM3 -- 24/7
server ip's: & -- Q4DM Server Status
10.19.05 New HL2DM map: DM_Killbox_Borg_G. Created by Bullet Magnet.
Masterpiece. Total eye-candy. Great work Bullet!
server ip addy:

Images from DM_Killbox_Borg_G

10.19.05 New HL2DM map: dm_killbox_mb2. Created by -{gdwg}-mooseD. This is the HL2DM re-make of the HL1 MooseBox, original design by -{gdwg}-mooseD, original map made by name3 -- Download map
server ip addy:
10.18.05 Quake IV released today
10.18.05 New HL2DM map: dm_killbox_platform_1b. Created by -{gdwg}-mooseD Download map
Server ip addy:
10.05.05 New HL2DM map: skulkbox. Created by -{gdwg}-mooseD. Download map
10.02.05 New HL2DM map: death_chase_v2. Created by -{gdwg}-mooseD. Download map and view screenshots
server ip addy:
09.24.05 New HL2DM map: dm_killbox_orb5. Created by -{gdwg}-mooseD. Download map and view screenshots
server ip addy:
09.20.05 New HL2DM map: dm_killbox_push. Created by -{gdwg}-mooseD. Download map and view screenshots
09.14.05 New HL2DM map: buggyville_0. Created by -{gdwg}-mooseD. Download map and view screenshots
server ip addy:
09.13.05 New HL2DM map: dm_killbox_tunnel. Created by Bullet Magnet for GDawgg Clan. Download map
09.12.05 New HL2DM map: dm_killbox_nine. Created by -{gdwg}-mooseD. Download map
09.09.05 New HL2DM map: dm_killbox_pulse5. Created by -{gdwg}-mooseD. Download map and view screenshots
server ip addy:
09.04.05 New HL2DM map: dm_killbox_pushwall5. Created by -{gdwg}-mooseD.
This map has nine pushwalls and six secret areas in it. Download map and view screenshots
server ip addy:
09.01.05 New HL2DM map: dm_killbox_md5. Created by -{gdwg}-mooseD. Download map and view screenshot
08.30.05 -{gdwg}-mooseD makes his first map: dm_doors_5. This map has a ton of doors and about 15 push-walls. Enjoy. Download map
08.19.05 New HL2DM map: dm_killbox_mcross01. Customized by Bullet Magnet for GDawgg Clan. This map is the same as dm_killbox_mcross2 with a grated 2nd floor added, good for shooting through. Download map
08.17.05 New HL2DM map: dm_killbox_mcross2. Customized by Bullet Magnet (Scotland) for GDawgg Clan. -{gdwg}-stupid made the original HL1 version of this map. This map includes a video-monitor-ball. Download map
08.06.05 New HL2DM map: dm_killbox_teh_tdm. Custom made by Bullet Magnet (Scotland)
for GDawgg Clan. This map is a glinted version dm_killbox_teh_1. It has a gun tower at each of the four corners. Download map
08.05.05 New HL2DM map: dm_killbox_teh_3a. Custom made by Bullet Magnet (Scotland) for GDawgg Clan
It's running on GDawgg.io_TehBox. Download map
server ip addy:
07.31.05 New HL2DM map: dm_killbox_matrix1.
Custom made by Bullet Magnet (Scotland) for GDawgg Clan
It's running on GDawgg.io_Matrix_Low_G. Download map
server ip addy:
07.28.05 -{gdwg}-Zippy is the newest member of GDawgg Clan.
07.26.05 New HL2DM map: dm_killbox_5box. Custom made by Bullet Magnet (Scotland) for GDawgg Clan
It's running on GDawgg.io_5Box. Download map
07.25.05 GgggggG - Unit is no longer a member of GDawgg Clan.
07.21.05 New GDawgg CS:S Server: CS:S_2 Sarge Style
Map rotation: de_dust, cs_assault_v1, de_aztec, cs_italy
server ip addy:
07.08.05      3 New GDawgg Servers:

1- (HL2DM) GDawgg.io_Tehbox_TDM     server ip addy:

2- (HL2DM) GDawgg.io_Tehbox_TDM2     server ip addy:

3- (CS:S) GDawgg.io_CS:S_2--Assault_v1_24/7     server ip addy:

     Download cs_assault_v1

06.22.05 New GDawgg CS:S Server: GDawgg.io_CS:S_1
Map rotation: assault, aztec, compound, dust, dust2, italy, office, port
server ip addy:
06.17.05 Awesome new GDawgg HL2DM map: dm_killbox_gdwg_bb1. Custom made by Bullet Magnet (Scotland) for GDawgg Clan. Download map and view screenshots
It's running on GDawgg.io_BBall. Read press release for dm_killbox_gdwg_bb1.
server ip addy:
06.17.05 New GDawgg HL2DM Server: GDawgg.io_5. This is another 16 player GDawgg Server.
It's running Bullet Magnet's dm_killbox_gdwg1 (the same as dm_killbox_gdwg3 with rpg's and an xbow added).
server ip addy:
06.08.05 New HL2DM map: dm_killbox_gdwg3. Custom made by Bullet Magnet (Scotland) for GDawgg Clan
It's running on GDawgg.io_4
server ip addy:
06.04.05 New HL2DM map: dm_killbox_ng_big1. Created by Bullet Magnet (Scotland)
This map is running on GDawgg.io_3_Low_G. This is a new HL2DM server
server ip addy:
06.03.05 New HL1 map: killbox_M_cross01. Created by -{gdwg}-stupid
This map is running on GDawgg_M_Cross
server ip addy:
05.27.05 New GDawgg DoD server: GDawgg_DoD--Mostly_Charlie
server ip addy:
05.19.05 New GDawgg HL1 server: GDawgg_Matrix
All map surfaces are matrix code from the movie. Very cool.
server ip addy:
05.15.05 New GDawgg HL1 server: GDawgg_TauBox2
Weapons: tau, 9MM handgun and crowbar -- sv_gravity 800
server ip addy:
05.09.05 Two new GDawgg HL1 servers:
1) GDawgg_Killbox_Phase2 -- server ip addy:
2) GDawgg_MP5_Shotty_357_Only -- server ip addy:
05.08.05 Both GDawgg HL2DM servers are now 16 player servers
05.07.05 GDawgg_AG is now running killbox_gdwg, 24/7. This map is killbox with no barrels, no lifts and no ladders -- no obstacles
04.23.05 More HL1 maps (141) and skins (122) are now available for download
04.02.05 GDawgg is now running an Adrenaline Gamer Server. Killbox 24/7 -- server ip addy:
03.06.05 New HL1 server (32 player) -- GDawgg 2 Team DM is now running
02.28.05 All GDawgg HL2DM servers are now 10 player servers. dm_tehbox has been dropped for now
02.24.05 Valve fixed it's SRCDS logs by "adding weapon type". Thank you Valve.
02.16.05 GDawgg is now running dm_tehbox (map-maker unknown) in HL2DM.
01.27.05 -{gdwg}-Destroyer is the newest member of GDawgg Clan.
01.26.05 New GDawgg Server Status Monitors
01.09.05 All GDawgg HL1 servers are now 32 player servers. All GDawgg HL2DM servers are now 12 player servers.
01.05.05 All GDawgg HL1 servers are now 20 player servers. All GDawgg HL2DM servers are now 16 player servers
01.03.05 GDawgg HL2DM server one is now a 16 player server.
12.30.04 is now running 2 HL1 killbox servers and 2 HL2DM killbox servers. HL1 server player-limits: 10. HL2DM server player-limits: 8. Very soon the HL2DM server player-limits will increase to 12 - 16 players per server.
12.18.04 New HL2DM Killbox -- dm_killbox_gdwg released. Also custom made for GDawgg Clan by BlackHat Rob.
12.08.04 New HL2DM Killbox -- dm_killbox_gdawgg released. Custom made for GDawgg Clan by BlackHat Rob.
12.06.04 HL2DM server logs have irregularities, causing some players' stats to be imcomplete. working on the problem.
12.02.04 GDawgg servers running killbox test maps in HL2DM
11.30.04 HL2DM Released -- GDawgg_1 and GDawgg_2 running HL2DM (01:40AM EST-12.01.04)
-{gdwg}-TOI YA BAS is the first of our clan to finish HL2
11.16.04 Half-Life2 Released
10.18.04 Half-Life2 Goes Gold
10.10.04 Quake 4 is coming....
10.07.04 membership freeze over. new member, -{gdwg}-Old Sarge inducted into dawggdom.
09.12.04 GDawgg Killbox Chat is now active. open to all.
08.06.04 X Dawgg's BF1942 site is up: DAWGG POWND
07.31.04 WON is officially done. all GDawgg servers have been migrated to STEAM
07.17.04 GDawgg Stats Search (created and maintained by -{gdwg}-Tarwn) has been upgraded. most notably, weapons stats are now searchable
06.30.04 membership freeze. as of 07.16.04 there will be no new GDawgg Clan members for the rest of the summer

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